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PCS(TM): 'Pump Curve Software' is a user friendly and elegant web-based (and offline) pump curve & selection software system; surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. The primary function is to solve for impeller diameter and/or speed for a given duty and find the viable pumps (viscosity correction and motor selection are also included), and then print to PDF associated media materials: pump-curves, technical datasheets, etc (even a complete quote).

This is a graphical system with real-time interactivity with the user's mouse pointer. Curves are redrawn live in real-time as the mouse pointer is moved over the graphs/charts (log x log graphs are also included), easily providing for effective point-n-click graphical selection of a pump when many are being displayed simultaneously on a single graph.

It is used by: the mfg, outside sales reps and end users/customers to select viable pump solutions and produce the associated quotation / media material. It also includes functionality to manage the quotes and contacts. The software is configurable to operate in different ways depending on the user account & pump type & purpose. We have been in this business for 20 years.

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PCS(TM): software uses the advanced rexJava.com :: rxLiquidGlassInterface().
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