demo-notes (+): 2012 Aug 28

  • Please also see: pump-datafile.html

  • Please read all demo notes, each and every point is important.

  • Please send us an email, and we will add you to our mailing list for 'update notifications' and newsletters: quotesoftware@gmail.com

  • Please note that our 'demo' is just that; our premium versions are full featured and have been in production use for 10+ yrs.

  • We have medium size and larger dynamic (resizable) demos here: 'demos'. There is also an example of the software (Java 'applet') integrated into a product page [html].

  • Our 'demo' has many GUI displayed features that are not active at this time, however, they are in active use every day in production systems. We can provide those features to you immediately on request.

  • Our 'demo' is focused on being a universal generic at this time. However, a live deployment would introduce new selection and math functionalities and screen layouts as needed for that specific deployment. Our system is highly customizable at three levels: 1) pump-data-file, which in addition to the pump-curve data, also includes properties such as materials, operational parameters, and allowable min max values, 2) the setup/configuration level of the Java applet program, and 3) internally with custom source code that we are happy to add, and which we can deliver exceptionally quickly.

    Example: some pumps of some manufacturers may only be offered at certain fixed impeller diameters, in this case, various parameters in the pump datafile will drive the user interface, and thus the available features, such as to present that pump as of fixed impeller size, or present a discrete set of [specific] sizes.

    The system handles the above example and many others quite nicely, allowing us to quickly provide you with pump selection software that is very specific to your products.

  • Point of interest: is the graphical log x log selection: this is fully complete with user selectable units, however, not active in our initial partial demo at this time. If it is something of value to your organization, please request a demo of it, and we will provide it immediately.

  • Although printing is not acitve in our partial demo at this time, it is fully completed and prints professional grade media material, quotes, BOMs, and other support documents (it has been in production many years); please contact us for samples.

  • The PCS(TM) software is developed in Java(tm) and may be deployed either as an applet or application, it runs equally the same on Apple, Windows, Linux & UNIX, equally the same whether the computer is connected to the Internet or not.

  • For a more comprehensive demo or simply more information, please contact us: QuoteSoftware.tel

  • Please respect the work of others. Please do not copy our original work and misleadingly pitch work as based on your own ideas; when it isn't. Integrity and truthfulness do matter.

(+) If there is something that you are wondering about: just ask us. Whatever features you can dream of, we have likely already programmed them and/or we can deliver them within days. Connect to your ERP system? we have already done that before and we will be happy to accomodate your specific needs.

PCS(TM): software uses the advanced rexJava.com :: rxLiquidGlassInterface().
contact / support: www.QuoteSoftware.tel java-support: download & latest versions

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